Rx Is An Achievement, Not An Expectation

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When I first came to CrossFit, I’d never even heard the concept of Rx’ing a workout. I was a gym rat, spending over an hour every day at LA Fitness doing my own thing. Sure, I was aware of the hulking giant next to me curling twice my bench press, but I was me, and that guy was that guy. I might try to push my limits, but with strict movements there’s only so much weight my body could move. I was familiar with what my body was capable of, and I fined tuned my workouts to be compatible.

When I met the Rx button during my first week of CrossFit all that “fined tuned” mumbo jumbo went flying out the window. Forget knowing my body and knowing what I’m capable of – I have an ego and the only prescription is Rx.

​Thus ‘The Rx Enigma’ took over sensibility, and I started to push myself in ways that just weren’t healthy.


Maybe you share this mentality with me. Or maybe you don’t have an ego, but you’re having an off day and play it down. So you load that bar up because any other day you’d land that clean and jerk no problem. Maybe you’d appreciate scaling but your friends are calling you out, and by the end of the workout instead of feeling accomplished, you feel like you’ve had a bad night at the bar.

Regardless of why you click ‘The Button’, at CrossFit Involve we’d like to start challenging people with the question, “is today a day to Rx?”

At the heart of our mind-boggling willingness to torture our bodies with HIIT (High Intesity Interval Training) is the drive to be better athletes. The best CrossFit athletes excel at both speed and precision. Marrying those two concepts can be a daunting task. What tends to happen to most of us is that we compromise precision and choose speed. Many times we’ll just accept precision as a casualty of war; I didn’t fully extend my hips on every box jump, I didn’t lock out my arms every time on the push press, my wall ball didn’t hit the mark with each rep – but it’s close enough. I did the weight, and I beat Gym Frenemy’s Name by fifteen seconds. It’s a successful day.

At CrossFit Involve we want to challenge athletes with more than just scoreboards.

Scoreboards can be awesome. It’s a great way to get to know others in our community, but it can’t be our driving force. We want to help you set meaningful goals, and then celebrate with you as you purposefully and strategically conquer those obstacles. Our bodies don’t change overnight, or in a week, but over years of intentional training. In time, you may move beyond Rx in some instances, choosing to amplify work in key areas with additional reps or weight. The important thing is knowing your body and not minding what the CrossFitter next to you is doing.

Looking ahead, we want to raise the bar for our athletes. From time to time, that might look like a coach recommending a scaling option. We want to leverage the training our coaches have received to the best possible means. It can be hard to hear that you’re not performing at the level you expect. However, we trust our staff and we hope you do as well. Our goal (and our duty) is to safely see you through your fitness journey

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