Recap Of First Town Hall Meeting – Exciting Changes!

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Today marks CrossFit Involve’s first town hall event. If you couldn’t make it, know that you were missed. We carb-loaded on donuts, recharged our coffee-meter, and sat down to chat about a lot of exciting things. Fortunately we’ve brought all those updates to the comfort of this blog you’re reading (and please get comfortable as it’s fairly long).

New Management
Our founders, Bryan and Collin, built what can easily be called a second home to the fittest family in Oakwood. Since they started this community we’ve grown to be 100+ strong (and we mean that literally). We’re excited about this growth, and our founders are excited too. They’d like to see the community continue to grow – hopefully well beyond what their current life roles will allow them to support. Thus, the baton is passed on. Bryan and Collin have partnered with three families to continue investing in CrossFit Involve; the Caldwells, Pattons, and Allens. Don’t worry, Bryan and Collin aren’t going anywhere. However, here are a few pointers if you need something or have questions.

  • Questions about programming, class schedules; got a burning desire to tell off whoever posted that WOD? Talk to Zack, he’s our Program Director and Head Coach.
  • Questions about billing, pricing, future gear purchases? Talk to Lisa, she’s in charge of all that finance stuff. We call her the CFO because we think that sounds cool and important.
  • Questions about our community page, website, or “who in the heck posted that terrible photo of me”? Talk to Abby, she’s our Media Manager, also known as the World Wide Web.
  • Questions about upcoming events, how to get involved, changes to your Wodify account; want to bring your kid but don’t know where to put them? Talk to Anna, she’s our Community Manager.
  • Questions about the facility, parking, supplies, or just need someone to heckle? Talk to Tim, he’s our facilities manager (and needs a little heckling in his life)
  • And remember, each class comes paired with phenomenal coaches who can answer most, if not all, your questions.
  • If all the above solutions fail you, just email [email protected] and someone will reach out to you ASAP!

New Location
So the cats out of the bag. Yes – we’re moving to a new location; an incredible space we really can’t believe we got our hands on. There’s a few important things you ought to know about this spiffy space. First, it’s located in downtown Dayton. Raised eyebrows? Not quite certain how you feel about a downtown gym? Our team spent the better part of eight months scouring every nook and cranny in Oakwood, Kettering, Moraine (Beavercreek, Springboro, Centerville…the list goes on). Point being – we looked just about everywhere. You’d be unpleasantly surprised to learn just how niche a CrossFit space can be. Dayton certainly wasn’t on our radar, but after much prodding from our agent (and internal deliberation) we extended our search. It took our team about 10 seconds walking in the new space to know we’d found our diamond in the rough. The building (located at 150 S Patterson Blvd) is pressed between the old Hauer Music building and Arby’s on Patterson. Better yet, it’s just a couple blocks shy of our Dayton Beer Company buddies (whom we love!) and tons of other great Dayton hot spots. There’s loads more detail but rather than rant on and on, check out a few bullet points below.

  • The grand opening is currently planned for late October but subject to change
  • We are installing a brand new garage door, 2 new bathrooms, new flooring, and giving the space a complete cosmetic makeover
  • Parking is being negotiated with nearby lots, but rest assured we are targeting the simplest and freest (that is a word) parking.
  • There won’t be showers, but there will be newly installed drinking fountains (hurray!)
  • There will be a security system (with cameras) monitoring the facility to ensure the safety of all our members
  • Yes, you’re welcome to help during the renovation period! We will be planning community events in the future to get this ship up and running

New Pricing
Over the last few years our gym has approached membership pricing on a very individualistic format. Whether there were promotions, mergers, or good old-fashioned gentlemen’s agreements – monthly subscriptions do not have a consistent baseline. One of our goals in the upcoming months is to transition over to a pricing structure that is fair and consistent for all of our members. For some, this means lowering their monthly payments, for other – unfortunately – this will be an increase. It’s important to us that you are confident in knowing the family you work out with are equal contributors in building a house we can be proud of. We’d like for that house to be filled with all kinds of neat things, like rowers, GHDs, and “real” sleds (get out of here boxes!). There’s a couple important things to we’d like to mention:

  • No rates will be changed before a 1-on-1 consultation with our Community Manager (a.k.a. Anna) to discuss these changes, and receive your sign off.
  • These changes will not be rolled out until October 1st
  • We understand college students have limited finances (those pesky tuition fees), which is why we will continue to offer discounted rates to anyone with an active student ID
  • All of our rates will be posted to our website within the next couple of weeks.

Classes / Wodify
We’ve been asked a lot of questions about classes. Are we changing class schedules? Are we adding classes? The simplest answer to those questions are – not right now. We won’t be making any changes within the year. Somewhat because there’s a lot of changes going on, but more importantly because we want to know what our members think. We will be conducting polling over the coming weeks to get a feel for when our members would prefer to workout. We will also be leveraging data that comes from Wodify. Wodify is an incredible tool for our community, but only if we’re using it. So a few key take aways:

  • Don’t anticipate unexpected class changes, we will always communicate schedule modifications with adequate notice.
  • Coaches will be asking all members participating in class to sign in. It’s important that we know a class is being used, and if you don’t sign in, it’ll look like an empty class.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to Anna or Zack if you have questions or concerns about our class schedule.

Whats Next?
Our Community Manager will be conducting short interviews with every member to learn more about you, understand what it is you’re looking to accomplish, and gather info on your preferred classes. She will also review your Wodify account to ensure everything’s up to date. Pricing adjustments (if needed) will be discussed and at that time, any questions you have will be addressed.

We have an exciting road ahead of us. We’re looking forward to taking our community to new places (figuretively and literally). We hope you can embrace these changes, be a part of the team, and make this gym more than a fitness facility, but a home. Stay Involved, because we’ll keep updates on construction posted here, along with upcoming events, and anything else you need to know!

Much Love,
CrossFit Involve Team

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