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90 Day Membership Commitment

The Downtown Box 3 Month Initial Membership is an *unlimited access program providing athletes the flexibility to attend as many (or few) classes as they’d like during the three month window. The length of this window may vary depending on initial sign up date and prorated first month pricing, as well as the billing cycle selected (alternating between the 1st & 15th of each month). Members will have access to the facility during open business hours (which are subject to change without notice). This membership does not permit use of the facility for personal training (i.e. open gym) during traditional CrossFit classes. The gym may be used for personal training outside of CrossFit classes in circumstances where the gym is open.

*Unlimited access is defined as such; privileges to attend an unlimited quantity of CrossFit classes per day, per week, throughout the span of a month. This does not entitle a member to participate in any class which is not a standard CrossFit course and in which additional costs may be associated.

Payment Policy

Memberships are billed on the 1st or 15th of every month and the billing cycle will be selected at the members discretion. If a member signs up between billing cycles the first month will be automatically prorated. The athlete must provide a means for automatic account withdraw (debit or credit card) during initial 3 month period.The payment method may be changed so long as said payment method is electronic and allows for automatic withdraw on a monthly cycle. Any failure to make agreed upon payments during this 90 day period may result in legal action. Upon completion of the 90 Day membership commitment, athlete may elect to transition to a cash payment plan. Membership will be automatically renewed (using saved payment method) on the fourth month and every month following unless a written request is sent to [email protected] requesting membership cancellation or hold. The auto-renewed membership will be billed at the same billable rate as agreed upon during the initial 90 day membership unless notified otherwise. Any change in membership price will be communicated with enough advanced notice (minimum of one billing cycle) for member to proactively seek membership cancellation.

Cancellation Policy

This membership can not be cancelled prior to the completion of the third month billing cycle and will be billed month to month or in full as agreed by the athlete. If membership needs to be cancelled a request should be placed in writing and sent to [email protected] prior to the conclusion of the third billing cycle or the billing system will automatically generate and bill an invoice. Once an athlete enters the month-to-month billing cycle, membership can be cancelled at any time. Note that the member will continue to have access to the facility until the end of the billing cycle.

Membership Hold

Memberships can not be placed on hold during the 90 day initiation period. Exceptions will be made for short term injuries which would impact a members total use of the facility. If membership must be placed on hold for injury, at the completion of the hold membership will resume for the full duration of the 90 day initiation period. Once a member enters the month-to-month billing cycle, an account may be placed on hold up to 90 days. At the completion of a hold, membership will be automatically billed to the payment method on file. Member will not receive any notice before membership is reactivated.

Refund Policy

All memberships are nonrefundable. Upon cancellation of membership, member will be provided access to the facility until the completion of their month cycle. Any cancellation request should be placed 48 business hours in advance of billing date to avoid additional charges to the account.


Memberships may be cancelled under the following circumstances during the 90 day initiation period;

  • Member moves a distance in excess of 30 miles. Member must provide proof of new address with a timestamp occurring after sign up. Refunds are not applicable and member will be permitted use of the facility until the end of the billing cycle, but will not be required to pay for membership for the duration of their three month contract.
  • Member is diagnosed with an injury/illness in which recovery will exceed our 90 day membership hold policy. Any injuries which impact a members total use of the facility should be reviewed by a medical professional. Upon recommendation of a medical professional account may be placed on hold or cancelled on an as-required basis.