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Looking to build strength? With weightlifting incorporated into everyday workouts, you’re sure to add strength and muscle during your time with us.


Being able to run a long distance at the drop of a hat is important to us at the Downtown Box, which is why we help train you in cardio endurance!


Are there movements you find difficult, such as squatting or reaching up overhead? We work on stretching during class to help you become more mobile.


Community is what helps with consistency and that’s what you’ll find everyday at Downtown Box CrossFit!


A Few Reasons To Get Started


A Few Reasons To Get Started

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Athlete Testimonials

Fantastic Staff!

“They’re incredibly welcoming & friendly to athletes of all skill levels. I started a year ago out of shape, overweight, & uncomfortable in my body. The staff are great at scaling movements to my skill level as I have a knee condition that has slowed my progress. They never make me feel embarrassed or ashamed for taking the weight down or doing something else to accommodate my needs. Plus, they make sure I feel challenged within my minimal skill set so that I can improve over time.”

~ Steph Porten

By Far The Best!

“I’ve been to several gyms and this one is by far the best. They excel across training, programming, coaching, and community. The instructors have great credentials in CrossFit and US weightlifting. The programming is always working toward a fitness end state. The community is unbelievable. People truly look out for one another and regularly do things together. Even better: no one is excluded and all are welcome. Try it out!”

~ Brian Williams

Best Decision!

“Joining Downtown Box was one of the best decisions I have made for my overall well-being. After my collegiate soccer career was over I became bored with programming my own workouts and often plateaued because of this. I found The Downtown Box after having my daughter in 2017 and loved it instantly because it challenges me every day, I don’t have to plan my workouts, and the community provides fun competition while also being incredibly motivating.”

~ Kayla Donaldson